Na Li(M.D)
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Na Li(M.D)
Educational Background:   2005.09~2008.03:   Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
                                                                          East China University of Science and Technology
Academic Field:

Academic Result:

1.Wu Wei, Li Na, Pu Wei-guang, Zhao Jun-zheng, Wu Zhi-yong, Xia Jin-kui Study on Property and Morphology of Polar-SBS/PS/Ultrafine-CaCO3 Reinforced Thermoelastomer[J]. CHINA PLASTICS INDUSTY, 2008, 36:158-161

2. Li Na, Wu Zhi-yong, Xia Jin-kui, Pu Wei-guang, Yang Zhuting, Wu Wei, Properties of Polar SBS/PS Thermoplastic Elastomer Prepared by Blending Modification [J]. China Plastics, 2007(11): 153-156