Jun Chen(D.D)
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Jun Chen(D.D)
Educational Background:    2007.09-2010.06:   Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
                                                                          East China University of Science and Technology
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Academic Result:

1 .Jun Chen, Wei Wu, Tingting Zhou, Wei Fan.Thermal Properties of the PA66/PC/Silicone Rubber Composites [J].Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B: Physics, 2011,50(1):111–122

2.Jun Chen, Wei Wu, Yi Yu.Morphology and Properties of the PA66/PC/Silicone Rubber Composites [J].Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2010,117(5):2964-2971

3. JunChen, Wei Wu, Xiaorong Wu, Yujie Chen, Sanxiong He. Nylon 6 Composites Modified by the P(St-AM)/OMMT Core-Shell Particles [J].POLYMER MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING., 2011,27(2):5-8

4.  Yu Chen, Gongxiong Liao, Jinyan Wang ,Wei Wu, Xigao Jian. Study of novel heat resistant BMI modified epoxy resin [J]. Thermosetting Resin. 2011, 26(2),1-5

5.Jun Chen,Wei Wu,Benzhe Luo. Netwoek Structure to Uchendog of PA6/PC Alloy [J]. Engineering Plastics Application,2010,38(2):5-8

6.Jun Chen, Wei Wu, Chuan Chen, Sanxiong He. Toughened Nylon66/Nylon6 ternary Nano-composites by Elastomers [J].Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2010,115(1):588–598