Research Specialist Staff (Ms. Chen)
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Yujie Chen (Ph.D)      2012.06~present     Postdoctoral researcher, ECUST

                                  2007.09~2012.06   Ph. D, major of Materials Science, ECUST
                                  2010.12~2012.09   Joint Training Doctoral candidate of Technische Universität Berlin
                                  2003.09~2007.06   Bachelor, major of Polymer Materials and Engineering ECUST

    Ms. Yujie Chen’s research focuses on preparation and performance of functional polymers, as well as synthesis and mechanism of functional supramolecular polymers with hydrogen bonds. Ms. Chen has gotten 5 papers published in Chinese and English, 4 patents, and participation in international academics congress for 3 times.  She has participated in a great number of projects including international cooperative programs funded by Shanghai Municipality and state-level fund project, and cooperative research projects funded enterprises since 2007. Ms. Chen is being occupied in teaching and conducting the graduates and undergraduates as the assistant of Mr. Wu who is head of the group.