Research Specialist Staff (Ms. Chen)
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  Yu Chen (M.D)        2009~present  Research specialist staff in Sino-German Joint Research Center of

                                                         Advanced Materials in ECUST

                                2006~2009     Postgraduate candidate in department of Polymer Materials and Engineering

                                                         in Dalian University of Technology

    Ms.Chen has ever started scientific research in synthesis of novel heat-resistant and dissolved macromolecule designed, preparation and mechanism on thermosetting composites, as well as study on preparation and properties of prepreg based on thermosetting (thermoplastic) resin toughened by high-performance fiber (Carbon, Kevlar, PBO, etc ). Interested in participating in academic conference, Ms. Chen has gotten many papers to be published in Chinese and English.

     As the assistant of Mr. Wu, the head of team, Ms.Chen has been participated in about 10 projects cooperated with state owned or private enterprises for new products, and offered conduction to help students out when they encounter any difficulties in design, testing, manufacturing, and other aspects.