Prof. Wu Wei
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Prof. Wu Wei       Ph.D.  

                            Professor of Materials Science and EngineeringDoctoral SupervisorDean of Sino-German Technology of ECUST

                            Chinese Director of Sino-German Research Joint Center of Advanced Materials
1998~1999, University Erlangen-Nürnberg
                            2001, Technische Universität Berlin and German Federal Materials Research Institute
                            Member of Chinese Materials Research Society
                            Member of Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association in ECUST
                            Member of Editorial Board, Chinese Plastics, Chinese Plastic Industry, Journal of Petrochemical Universities, Elastomer.
      Graduated in School of Materials Science and Engineering of ECUST, Mr. Wu, funded by German DAAD scholarship and China Scholarship Counsil, was entitled to study, visit and cooperative research among universities in Germany. He has featured technological fields, focusing on academic orientations as follows: Preparation and mechanism of functional advanced polymer materials; Study on Structure, Properties and Mechanism of Polymer; Treatment, Dispersal, Interface and Structure of Polymeric Nano Composites; Polymer Materials Processing Engineering. As the author of over 90 academic papers published at home and abroad, almost half of which were accepted by SCI or EI, Prof. Wu has been interested in participated in international academic conference. So far, he has gotten one Excellent Paper Award for international conference, 5 patents and 5 reviewed ones. One of two patents with identifications has reached international advanced level.

      Since 2000, as the head of academic group, Prof. Wu has conducted more than 30 scientific programs and been funded with the total 5 million RMB, springing from one Shanghai Nature Science Foundation, 8 Shanghai international cooperative projects, 2 Shanghai Baiyulan Foundations, more than 10 Sinopec research projects defined as provincial and ministerial level. 23 of the projects mentioned above have been finished successfully, another 10 ones are on the way.